Amazing footage can be caught first-hand from helmet cams. In the case of this skydiver, "amazing" can also mean "absolutely terrifying."

In this video, we see James Lee's skydive above Wiltshire, England. It looked like an exhilarating start to a heart-pounding dive through the skies, but then the unexpected happened. Just a few moments after he dove out of the plane, Lee was hit by another skydiver. The impact from the collision rendered Lee unconscious.

What the camera on his helmet captures is Lee's plummet towards the ground, unconscious and flailing. Fortunately, two of Lee's fellow skydivers noticed something was wrong and maneuvered in the air towards him. When they found that he wasn't responding to either of them, they grabbed him and corrected his position in the air so that he wouldn't continue flailing.

Once he was stable, they pulled open his parachute so that he could land safely. In the middle of his descent, Lee woke up to find that his parachute had been deployed and that he was under the safety of his canopy. Seconds later, he landed on the ground without incident, unaware of what had just transpired in the sky a few moments ago.

Not only is this video amazing because of the heroism depicted in it, but it's just frightening to think about waking up after being unconscious in the middle of the air. We don't know about you, but that's enough to keep us out of the sky for a good while. Check out the video above and grip the edges of your desk for safety.