Animated GIFs always manage to sum up how we're feeling. Some days, it may feel like you're stuck in a never ending cycle like this:

Or maybe you spend day after day like this:

But if you could spend your days stuck in any gif you wanted for the rest of time, what would it be? A thread on asked just that question last week, and thousands of people responded. We thought the responses looked pretty awesome, so we put together some of the best for you right here.

Some people just found a funny situation that they could laugh at forever. Others chose a more sensational route, selecting landscape gifs that they could sit in forever. Others found gifs with people in them that they wanted to be. And one guy just really wanted to enjoy sitting on the toilet.

Take a look at some good ones below.

Pretty Cool Space-Traveling Life

Just Try to Beat this Guy in a Race Forever

Just Offer this Cool Guy Treats

Being Gumby would be so satisfying

For the winter lovers

Just Pure Toilet Joy

Endless Entertainment

Driving Fun

Who wouldn't be happy with this?