The General Electric ad that will play during the Super Bowl this year starts out similar to many GE commercials you've seen in the past.

Workers at the conglomerate's Schenectady, New York factory talk about what an honor it is to make the turbines that are used in power plants, while images of the turbine-making process play in the background.

But, wait, there's a twist. Suddenly, one of the workers says, 'When people think about GE they typically don't think about beer." Then he goes on to explain how the turbines the build provide the power needed to keep Budweisers cold, and to even make the beer. Yup, this is an ad for GE and Budweiser.

As the spot continues, the factory workers are in a Bud-filled bar, explaining how there would be no Budweiser without GE. This leads to an appreciative toast of the factory workers by the bar's loyal Bud-drinking patrons.

So what do you think of this ad, featuring synergy between two of the world's biggest companies? And should it have come with some kind of disclaimer about doing factory work while drunk?

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