Things continue to get more and more real on 'Game of Thrones.' Last night's episode, 'The Climb,' featured somebody getting his finger skinned (if you could stomach it) and a lady murdered by crossbow. So yeah, pretty real. Here's what happened in greater detail. (Remember: this show is NSFW and so are some of the GIFs.)

Melisandre showed up to take Gendry off the Brotherhood's hands. Arya was not pleased. At all.


Jon Snow, Ygritte and the rest of the Wildings are finally climbing the wall. They nearly eat it in an avalanche, but live to see another episode.

Lady Olenna and Tywin Lannister have a pretty brutal meeting to discuss Cersei marrying Ser Loras.

Tywin wins, and Tyrion has to explain to Sansa that she's marrying him instead of the gay, young hottie she's been pining after.

Theon continues to have a really bad time.

To make penance, Edmure now has to marry that super-busted chick Robb Stark bailed on, but he doesn't agree to do so without some coaxing.

Jamie will be sent back to King's Landing. Brienne will not. He tries to save her, but it doesn't work.

Finally, Jon Snow and Ygritte made it to the top of the wall, where they exchanged a kiss that looked like the cover of a romance novel.

Also in this episode, Joffrey kills Ros with his enormous crossbow, Samwell sings a song to his incest rescue baby and we learn the physical toll that having psychic visions can take on a person.

See you next week, 'GOT'-ers!