Bored of Hallmark cards? Seeking something funnier and a bit risqué? Well, you may like Jeff Wysaski's greeting cards then. The man says he makes "funny things for a living," and runs the website Pleated-Jeans. Among his many creations, Wysaski decided to add some new greeting card categories to his local grocery store.

Trust us when we say these hand-made cards are worth picking up. Not only are the cards quite imaginative, they're hilarious!

Sure, so no one may ever live up to 160 years of age, but that's exactly why these cards make for funny gifts. How often do you even see categories such as the ones below?

Know someone who loves ham? Then pick this up:

Now, this may be statistically true -- but we doubt most brides would be happy to receive this on their wedding day:

Here's one to wish someone a long life:

Wysaski has more greeting card ideas on his website, so if you love them, you'll have to ask him how to get hold of one of these. Now if only Hallmark would listen to our ideas.