After three years on the run, Florida's "Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay," a 40-pound wild rhesus macaque, has finally been captured. Hey, what's the big deal with a rogue monkey? After all, Florida is already home to people who call 911 because of bologna sandwiches and giant eyeballs on the beach.

The monkey, which has been running rampant in south St. Petersburg for several years, was finally caught on Wednesday after a veterinarian shot it with a tranquilizer dart. Officials think the creature may have been ejected from a colony of monkeys living in Silver Springs in central Florida.

Over the past few weeks, the animal has grown increasingly aggressive and unafraid of humans as people began feeding it and treating it like a pet. Earlier in the month, in fact, it bit a 60-year-old woman while she sat on her porch.

So, trappers went on the hunt for the monkey and eventually spotted it hanging from a tree branch. After sedating the creature, officials were able to capture it by hand as it slowly tried to escape into the woods.

The monkey is currently at a veterinarian's office where it will be observed for several days before being transferred to a facility. And according to the monkey's Facebook page, it isn't very happy about it. "Today my freedom has been taken away from me," it stated.