15 Signs Your Pet Is an Introvert
You think you know your pet, but do you *know* your pet? Would you, for example, say your guinea pig is a Betty or a Veronica? What's your iguana's opinion on repealing the Glass-Steagall Act? Most importantly, DO YOU EVEN KNOW YOUR FERRET'S MYERS-BRIGGS PERSONALITY TYPE????!! Is your pet ... an INTROVERT?
Monkey GIFs
Listen everyone, we have the day's most adorable distraction. They're cute and hilarious and it's time for monkey GIFs, y'all!
Animals Hitchin' a Ride
We've gotta admit-- animals know a heck of a lot more than us humans do when it comes to stuff like photobombing, football, and navigating iPads. Humans usually overcomplicate situations, but our fellow four-legged creatures tend to keep things smart and simple, which of course involves massive amount of adorableness. Today we're talking about animals hitching rides on their animal brethren. Read
Cute Animal Odd Couples
Remember when we featured those adorably in love animal duos? That was cute stuff. But as it turns out, furry love knows no bounds. See, sometimes monkeys fall in love with tigers and raccoons develop a thing for kitties. Luckily for us, these strange combos also make ridiculously adorable couples.
Monkey Attack!
Humans may share DNA with monkeys, but, if this report out of Indonesia is any indication, our primate cousins couldn't care less.
Funniest Monkeys on the Web
If we had to be compared to any animal, it would probably be monkeys. Why? We both like to... well, monkey around. You know-- pranks, Al Roker remixes and  standard jokester antics. It just makes life more interesting!
Ikea Monkey Memes
In case you missed it, an adorable monkey dressed in a shearling coat made its way into a Toronto Ikea yesterday. As far as we're concerned, it's probably the greatest thing that's ever happened in an Ikea (unless you *like* watching couples fight over 99 cent flatware, you monster).
Ikea Monkey
Shoppers at an Ikea in Toronto, Canada were surprised to find a very well-dressed monkey wondering around the store's parking lot Sunday.
We aren't monkeying around when we say that this macaque apes Albert Einstein perfectly. Okay, now that the primate puns (and attendant alliteration) are out of the way, seriously take a look at this baby macaque. An amateur photographer and professional physicist spotted the monkey in Malaysia. We agree the similarity is uncanny.
Florida’s ‘Mystery Monkey’ Finally Captured
After three years on the run, Florida's "Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay," a 40-pound wild rhesus macaque, has finally been captured. Hey, what's the big deal with a rogue monkey? After all, Florida is already home to people who call 911 because of bologna sandwiches and giant eyeballs on the beach.
Patient Cat Tolerates Cute Baby Gibbon
We commend this cat, whose patience is dangling by a thread. If cats can grind their teeth, then Chuck (named after her propensity for barfing) must be doing it for this whole video, as extremely playful (and handsy) baby gibbon APEril climbs all over her...

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