Imagine you’re walking along the beach in Florida  having a grand ole’ time. Life is good. Then all of a sudden, you come across a humongous, weird eyeball. Did we totally just ruin your fantasy with that? Sorry.

OK, that might not be how it actually went down, but a Florida resident did stumble across said giant eyeball on Tuesday and called the Fish and Wildlife Conservancy Tequesta Field Lab to check it out. They picked up the washed-up organ, stuck it in some ice, and brought it to the lab for some eyeball investigation. No one knows yet where the thing came from, but we’re pretty sure “a human” can be ruled out. There’s speculation it could belong to “a giant squid, a whale, or a very large swordfish.”

The eye is kind of awesome. Although, if we stare at it too long, we get a little creeped out. But then there’s the fact that somewhere out in the ocean there’s a giant fish missing an eye. Aww, now that’s sad!