Thanks to security cameras and good ol' fashioned stupidity, a pair of not-so-nice neighbors could be facing charges for allegedly stealing some decorations out of a Florida resident's front yard and using them for a holiday display of their own.

Police arrested two suspects in Sweetwater, FL. who are accused of stealing hundreds of dollars worth of Christmas ornaments out of a neighbor's yard. They included an inflatable Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, Santa on his sled and a pair of hugging penguins.

The resident was able to catch the thieves on tape with a security camera set up on the front of her home. That, however, was just part of the evidence she presented to police.

Not only was she able to catch who committed the crime on tape, but she also spotted the missing ornaments set up in the culprits' yard, which is located less than a block from her own home. Police not only showed up to arrest the suspects caught on tape, but a local news crew also showed up to capture their arrests on tape.

Watch a pair of Grinches get busted in the video below.

[via WSVN]