In a touching show of charity, five firefighters who won $10,000 in the Mega Millions lottery will donate a portion of their winnings to help a fellow firefighter stricken with a rare and aggressive brain tumor.

Last week, a group of firefighters at the Albuquerque Fire Department in New Mexico impulsively decided to buy tickets for the record-setting $656 million jackpot only ten minutes before sales closed. Then, they quickly forgot all about the lottery, assuming that they would never win.

Amazingly, they matched five out of six numbers on one of the tickets and snagged themselves 10 grand. According to Captain Jed Hyland, all the firefighters then agreed to donate to a fund established for 24-year-old Vincent Cordova, a firefighter awaiting a life-saving (and exceedingly expensive) procedure to remove a potentially fatal brain tumor.

Cordova said he's overwhelmed by the firefighters' generosity. "I can't believe that the fireman bond is so strong," he said.

We always knew firefighters were heroes, and this touching story just proves it.