All Steven Spielberg really changed when he switched the guns in 'E.T.' to walkie-talkies was his fans' respect for him. But what if he'd make a bigger technological switch, such as enabling E.T. to actually "phone home"? Here we imagine the impact cell phones would have on various movies throughout the ages. (Hint: 'Serendipity' would be about ten minutes long.)

'The Blair Witch Project'

Christine Gritmon/Artisan Entertainment


Christine Gritmon/Jim Henson/Google

'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'

Christine Gritmon/Paramount Pictures


Christine Gritmon/Universal

'Home Alone'

Christine Gritmon/20th Century Fox


Christine Gritmon/Miramax


Christine Gritmon/Warner Bros.

'2001: A Space Odyssey'

Christine Gritmon/Warner Bros.

'Basic Instinct'

Christine Gritmon/TriStar Pictures


Christine Gritmon/Toho

Concepts by Christine Gritmon, Nick Nadel and Drew Weisholtz

Art by Christine Gritmon