12 Cartoon Character Mugshots
Cartoon characters may seem zany and carefree, but, like us, they have deep, dark secrets. And you don’t always have to look too closely to see them. In fact, there are plenty of animated characters who’ve had brushes with the law. Here are some mug shots we were able…
Honest Spotify Player
Have you ever noticed how the recommendations in the "Discover" section of Spotify are a little too specific sometimes? We did, and decided to show you what an "honest" Spotify player would look like. Check it out below.
Movie Titles Lost in Translation
One of the more entertaining by-products of American movies being distributed globally is the way titles don't always make it through the language barrier. How many Oscar nominations would 'As Good As It Gets' have scored if it had gone by its Chinese title 'Mr. Cat Poop'? (…
See Miley Cyrus on Classic Hip-Hop Album Covers
Miley Cyrus is apparently ratchet now, and her attempts at twerking seem to suggest she is really trying to mean it.
As we sit back and watch her try to ingratiate herself with the hip-hop community, let's take a moment to think about what could've been if Miley had been around during the &…
Miley Cyrus Looked Just Like a Giraffe at the VMAs
People are comparing Miley Cyrus' appearance at the VMAs last night to a lot of things -- an uncooked chicken, an old Jim Carey character, naked Hank Hill, etc. But nobody is comparing her to what she really looked like -- a giraffe with its tongue sticking out.
11 Remakes That Hollywood Will Probably Attempt
We may as well just embrace the never-ending wave of remakes flooding the market. It's not like it's going to stop anytime soon. Rather than sit around and grumble, we decided to put on our imagination caps and try to predict what will be coming soon to a theater near you. The results may …
'Breaking Bad' Band Album Covers We'd Love to See
Yesterday, #BreakingBadBands took over Twitter for a while, and we got inspired. Unlike those awful times when #SavingItforBieber or whatever takes control, people were coming up with some genuinely awesome stuff. We decided we couldn't just let these ideas drift away, so we took some of our fa…

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