Cell Phones

Video Perfectly Captures Life Without a Cell Phone
One time two years ago, some skeezebag stole our phone right out of our purse. For three months we were phone-less. So, we feel fairly well qualified to testify that this video, about what it's like to be surrounded by friends with smartphones when you don't have one, is pretty much spot o…
Retro Tech Ads
Ah, technology. What’s new today will most likely be old by tonight, which is why it’s so fun to look back at "must have" goodies that we felt compelled to buy to keep up with the times.
Can You Hear E.T. Now?
All Steven Spielberg really changed when he switched the guns in 'E.T.' to walkie-talkies was his fans' respect for him. But what if he'd make a bigger technological switch, such as enabling E.T. to actually "phone home"? Here we imagine the impact cell phones w…
Watch out!
By this point, it should be fairly obvious that getting distracted by a cell phone can be extremely hazardous to your health. And yet, a teen girl in California actually fell into a pit of rattlesnakes while searching for a signal in the desert. Need further proof? We didn't think so.
Awkward Cell Prank
Talking on our cell phones in public places can prove to be pretty tricky, pretty often. We've all encountered that guy on his Bluetooth who looks like he's yelling at us, when in reality he's on a business call in his right ear. We react and things get awkward. There's also the scenario where the l…
Daredevil Answers Cellphone While Walking Tightrope
Generally, we let our cellphone go to voicemail when we're busy. Not so French daredevil Trancede Melet, who actually took a call while walking a 20 meter gap suspended 1,000 feet in the air. At least he wasn't texting. That would've been crazy dangerous.
Restaurant Offers Discount If You Put Down Your Cell Phone
Eva, a restaurant in Los Angeles, is offering five percent off the bill to any diner who hands their phone over to the staff before being seated. A discount for not having to listen to the person seated next to us yakking on during our meal? We'd pay the restaurant for that privilege!

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