While some game shows have a screening process, we're pretty sure the only requirement for getting on 'Family Feud' is having a family. Which would explain why the long-running competition has featured some of the most inane, disturbing and occasionally NSFW answers in television history.

The folks at Clip Nation have compiled a supercut of the worst 'Family Feud' fails of all time. As you can see, the world of 'Family Feud' is one in which Kentucky Fried Chicken is a person and clothes are something an adult doesn't wear. It's a place where you squeeze peanut butter and naked grandmothers act as a detriment to burglary.

Just watching that has knocked a few points off of our IQ. But if there is one thing we can take solace in it's that it doesn't appear folks are getting any dumber. They were pretty stupid back in Richard Dawson's day and they have remained challenged in our time of Steve Harvey. So if we are going to weep for the future we also have to have a good cry about the past.

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