Dance Supercut
This video should be just the thing to lift your spirits if you really wish you weren't back at work already. It's a supercut. Not just any supercut -- a supercut of 77 awesome (and not so awesome) dance scenes from movies set to 'Safety Dance.' It's pretty great.
Pizza Supercut!!!
We love supercuts, and we figure you're a human being, so you must love pizza. This video combines the best of both. It's a supercut of pizza in films. There's a little bit of swearing around the 3:22 mark. Who ever let a couple of curse words come between them and some pizza, though?…
2012's Best News Bloopers
It's that special time of year when people take all the funny things that happen and make them all into one big thing. Here, for example, are the best funny news bloopers of 2012.
Kids Vs. Warheads
We've previously shared with you videos of poor kids making adorably sour faces while tasting the deceptively delicious candy Warheads. These kids are expecting something sweet, and what they get is punch of sour right in the face.
2012 Movie Mashup
This is a very impressive supercut. Not only is it very well edited, it also makes us feel bad about how few movies we saw this year.
Bah, Humbug!
Because we can't all be in the Christmas spirit all the time, here is a gigantic supercut of all the "bah humbugs" from movies and TV shows. It's perfect those who hate eggnog and glad tidings, and those think that 'A Christmas Carol' is a classic and what …
Movies Get Cage-ified
We think that Nicolas Cage should be in every movie. We're sure Cage agrees with us (those dinosaur bones aren't going to pay for themselves). Oh, you beg to differ? Maybe you should watch this video that sticks him in several of your favorite films...
Cute Overload
Here you go. It's animals feeding other animals. Over and over again. In case work this week has made your heart shrivel up and die. Watch and experience your heart re-hydrate like dried fruit in a slow cooker. Enjoy!
Best Sign-Off Ever?
At this precise moment in time, we are so grateful that we don't live in Orange County. If we did, the local news might have driven us insane by now. Here's a video compilation of reporter Gustavo Almodovar signing off over and over again. And every time it's exactly the same...

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