Let’s face it, we’re living in an increasingly digital world. Even toddlers are walking around with Instagram on their smart phones. In theory this should make us the communication generation. But we’re not. Check out these great texting fails for proof!

"Eror Fail"

We understand, breaking up is hard to do.  But if you must leave your lover in a cowardly fashion, make sure you spell check yourself before you wreck yourself, it’s just more polite that way.

"Button Pusher"

Sometimes the perfect storm of fail isn’t a result of a hilarious typo, it comes from the acknowledgement of a drunken act. We’re calling this one, “ding dong drunk.”

"Honey, Don't"

True love is patient, kind, and knows the difference between the words “meet” and “beat.” Barring that, true love has a great sense of humor when they’re used interchangeably in this next fail.

"Caught in the Act"

While we’ll give this person points for having the sense to text rather than call, we’re going to have to take serious points off for not doing a sweep of their immediate surroundings first. You’re so busted.

"Hope You're Not Ticklish"

Crime is on the rise in town and nobody is quite sure why...

"Cures All that Ails Ya..."

Come for the multi symptom magical serum, stay for the vague threats about insurance fraud...this is just all kinds of fail.

"Up the Ante"

Let’s hope this next fail hasn’t occurred between two people who just started dating...

"Keep it in Your Pants"

We ain't saying she's a gold digger...