Richard Dawson, famous for hosting the game show 'Family Feud,' died at 79 years old on June 2nd in Los Angeles. He was known, for better or for worse, as the host who kissed ladies on the show. Though Dawson claimed that kissing all women was important to fight discrimination, most of the attempts just looked really creepy. Take a look at some classic clips of Dawson's famous move below. 

In this first clip, Dawson goes down the line kissing each team member. Per tradition, he doesn't "discriminate" - every woman gets a kiss. Though it does look like he lingers a little too long at the last blonde.

See if you can count how many times Dawson kisses feathered-haired Lynn in this compilation of her and her family on 'Family Feud.' Hint: it's more than five.

After kissing the female contestant in this incredibly awkward clip, a possibly definitely drunk Dawson gets a female contestant to tell him that her underwear is falling off. If you don't think he looks under the contestant stand, then you haven't seen enough Dawson clips. Also enjoy a clip from 'The Price Is Right' where a contestant's excitement causes her to have an awkward wardrobe malfunction.

Dawson gets hot and heavy with a few of these pretty ladies. To make things even more awkward than usual, Dawson confesses this episode is the first time during the introductions he's ever gotten aroused. Too much information, Dawson. No one wanted to know that.

In the video below, an older Dawson explains his kissing was for luck. And when complaints were made about his kissing married women or women of different races, Dawson stuck to his kissing policy and didn't give in. While it's an unusual (and maybe awkward) stance, Dawson will always be remembered for his playful good luck kisses.

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