Music legend Elton John plays a nasty king in Pepsi's Super Bowl 2012 commercial. In the spot, King Elton is annoyed by his court jester's bad performance  of Nelly's hit 'Hot In Herre,' so not only does he tell the jester he won't be getting any Pepsi, but he banishes him to the dungeon via a trap door in the floor.

After that unpleasantness  is done with, a hooded figure appears. It's 'X-Factor' winner Melanie Amaro, and her version of Aretha Franklin's 'Respect' is so impressive it wins over the crotchety old monarchs, and he offers her a Pepsi.

As for Elton, he finds himself in the dungeon with Flava Flav, who greats the fallen king with his famous 'Ya boy,' catch phrase. Now that's a punishment worse than a beheading.

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