When we last checked in on the Miami Heat they were getting words of encouragement from the home crowd after they suffered a surprising defeat to the Boston Celtics in Game Five of the Eastern Conference finals.

They got a better result last night, returning the favor by beating the Celtics on their home court and forcing a Game Seven. However, Miami's interactions with the crowd at the Boston Garden did prove to be a little more dicey. 

Watch what happens when Dwyane Wade's head gets in the way of a Celtics' fan who is trying to toss a wayward ball back onto the court.

Ouch! First you turn the ball over, and then you take one to the noggin!

In defense of the nattily-attired fan who struck Wade with the ball, it's pretty clear he was trying to toss it to the ref and just has terrible aim.

But there is no defending the Celtic fan who dumped his beer on Lebron James' head as the Heat star went through the tunnel to the locker room after the game. That's just cold. Check out video of that incident below.