Back in November, we told you about an elderly woman who accidentally went for a joyride in a swimming pool. Well, it's happened again, this time in Washington state. What are the odds? If you're a spectacularly terrible driver, pretty good actually.

Last Friday, 24-year-old Eric Brown crashed through the fence of a home in the town of Vancouver, WA, and landed in an inground pool around 4am. A cover on the pool prevented the car from sinking, and Brown was able to escape. Responding firefighters later found him walking on a nearby street and took him to a hospital.

All of a sudden we heard a couple of bumps and then a couple bigger bumps and then a big crash," said homeowner Susan Cook. "I told my husband, 'Get out of bed! Something happened out there.'"

The car was safely removed from the pool with the help of two gigantic cranes. Brown doesn't get off scott-free, however. Police confirmed that he's expected to face both drunk driving and hit-and-run charges for taking this ill-advised detour.