If you're squeamish, you definitely do not want to watch this. There is, however, no blood. Just...a man who does not fear injury doing something terrifying.

This stunt is a classic "blockhead" routine; people have been inserting things that shouldn't go up a nose for money for decades. This man, however, takes it to the extreme: the bit is so long, it's less than an inch from his brain stem. One slip and...yikes.

The man in question is Ryan Stock, and this is just a normal day at the office for him. Stock is a professional sideshow stuntman, and in fact has invented several stunts that make this one look like nothing. For example, a signature part of his act is fitting a meat hook through his nose, out through his mouth, and then hanging up to 70 pounds off of it.

He also holds the Guinness World Record for distance pulling a car chained to a sword you've swallowed. If Stock didn't invent that record, we'd be really surprised. The point is, he's a trained professional. Don't do this. EVER.