Okay, dogs are really getting smarter.

If you don't believe it, just look at this pooch, who easily and swiftly fetches his brother after his master tells him to go get the sibling. The dog heads out and a few seconds guides the other dog into the house.

Mission adorably accomplished.

Something tells us this dog needs something a little more advanced to keep him on his toes (paws?). Considering the level of intelligence he shows off in this video, we think he's probably ready to snap a few selfies. The technology's there, so what's holding him up?

After he's taken a selfie, he needs to fetch his brother and take a few with him before showing his bro just how to do it because it's a brother's job to teach his siblings how to make it in the world, whether a human or a dog or an antelope or whatever kind of creature is roaming around.