About 70 percent of America's women plan on watching the Super Bowl, and clothing retailer H & M seems to be reaching out to that demographic with a Super Bowl ad featuring David Beckham.

In the black and white spot, the camera pans all over the soccer superstar's heavily- tattooed and mostly naked body. As this is going on, the classic Animals' song "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" plays.

There really is no misunderstanding Beckham's role in the ad as beefcake, and the 36-year old plays the part comfortably. While H & M sells just about any type of clothes, this ad is for underwear -- or more specifically a new line of David Beckham bodywear -- so Beckham is only wearing a pair of boxer briefs.

The ad ends with Beckham smiling, as the bodywear's availability is announced.

So what do you think? Guys, does this make you want to outfit yourself in Beckham-endorsed unmentionables? Ladies, does this make you want to shop at H&M because they generously twirled a semi-naked Beckham around in a circle.

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