If holidays at your home were anything like ours, then your fondest memories of Easter (aside from a heavy dinner followed by copious amounts of chocolate and Peeps) revolve around decorating eggs, especially with Paas kits and those impossibly messy dye tablets. Remember those?

These crafty egg decorators aren't content with basic solid colors, however. They've taken the holiday pastime to a whole new level, creating funny and cool works of art. These awesome eggs would amaze even the Easter Bunny himself. Have a look below.

Easter Eggs on Death Row

The jokesters behind Will and Guy's Funny Clean Jokes have created a series of hysterically funny Easter eggs that scream in terror at the sight of a fork, face "EggStermination" while waiting on death row and grimace as their shells are broken with a spoon. Hilarious, yes, but a little macabre. You may want to wait until the kids go to sleep before attempting eggs like this.

Master Shake Easter Egg

Blogger Rakka has made a science out of unique Easter egg design with creations based on 'Donnie Darko,' Kiss and Pac-Man, among others. But this egg, based on Master Shake from 'Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1' (formerly known as 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force'), is the best of all. Now if only he could whip up Meatwad and Frylock, our lives would be complete.

'Portal' Turret Easter Egg

Flickr user markt022002 has taken his love of the hit video game 'Portal' and created a seriously nifty egg based on the game's murderous (yet polite) sentry turrets. But don't worry -- unlike its video game counterpart, this turret probably won't try to riddle you with bullets.

'Angry Birds' Easter Eggs

Maggy Woodley of Red Ted Art blew the yolk and albumen out of eggs, painted the shells with acrylic, used foam, card and felt for beaks, slapped on googly eyes and -- voila! -- created these fantastic 'Angry Birds' Easter eggs.  What, no pigs?

'Star Wars' Easter Eggs

Artist Amy Pronovost has produced cartoons and artwork for Star Wars Kids magazine and Starwars.com. So, it makes sense that she'd create these adorable Easter eggs that look like Chewbacca, Wicket the Ewok and Darth Maul. Is it just us, or does Chewie look a bit like the Cowardly Lion?

Zombie Easter Eggs

Given the success of 'The Walking Dead,' zombies are a hot commodity right now. So, imagine how happy we were to see these undead Easter eggs courtesy of artist Dan Barrett. Note the chomp taken out of one of the eggs. Yum! If brains were eggs, we'd eat them all day long.

The Diamond Stella Egg

Although it isn't a real egg, the Diamond Stella Egg wins points for potentially being the most expensive Easter egg ever created. Standing 25 inches tall and studded with 100 half-carat diamonds, the egg is stuffed with peach and apricot chocolates and praline. The cost? A cool $100,000. Hey, at that rate, you could buy two.

'The Scream' Easter Egg

Blogger David Carpacho proves that Easter eggs don't always have to be lowbrow with this design based on Edvard Munch's best-known work of art, 'The Scream.' Sorta classes up the joint, doesn't it? Art lovers take note: Carpacho also created an egg based on Pablo Picasso's 'Guernica.'

Rainbow Easter Egg

Artist Amber Elledge creates these colorful eggs by coiling strands of polymer clay around a blown duck egg, then finishes them with an acrylic sealant for protection. The best part? Each egg comes with a matching green stand and sells for only $45.