It's Easter weekend, and we all know what that means -- time to eat some ham and get your crunk on. We've always said if you aren't risking an insulin coma, you aren't really drinking, so here are some Peeps-themed cocktails to prove you love Easter but hate your body. Enjoy (to a point, then feel really sick and eat a bunch of fried chicken on the curb in a neighborhood you don't live in)!

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    Peep-Stuffed Jell-O Shots

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    Endless Simmer

    This kind of counts as food, right?

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    Peepin' It Real

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    Cooking Channel TV

    This absinthe-based cocktail combines two of our favorite things -- absinthe and setting stuff on fire. (You might want to try this one early on in the evening so you don't burn your house down.)

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    Flaming Peep S'More

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    More fire! Who said Easter isn't fun?

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    Truthfully, this is just a gin martini with a Peep floating in it. So...C+ for effort, A for not tasting like a giant glass of candy.

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    Walking Peep Cocktail

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    Marshmallow Peep Martini

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    Of all of these, this one probably tastes the most like actual Peeps. Plus can we just admit our secret fondness for milk-based cocktails? There. We've done it.

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    Easter Peep Martini

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    This one is orange and cherry flavored, plus the glass is garnished with shredded coconut in case you didn't get full from all those Jell-O shots.

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    Blended Peeps-Tini

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    LA Times

    This is the drink for you if you secretly hate Peeps so very, very much. Throw one into a blender with some booze and murderlize it! Then drink and laugh and laugh and laugh.

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    Peep-Infused Vodka

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    Baking Bites

    If all of this seems like too much work, here's how to make a massive vat of Peep-infused vodka. We're not saying it's a good idea -- we're just saying here's how you do it.