Amateur vigilantes aren’t just limited to the big screen. In fact, major cities all over the world have costumed vigilantes roaming the streets. Becoming as well-equipped and trained as Batman, however, costs more than a ski-mask and a set of hockey pads.

The book 'Batman Unauthorized' examined exactly what it would cost to develop and carry all the gadgets and goodies that Batman uses. Turns out, the total came out to around $300 million. (Though other figures put the total at around $700 million.) That includes $3.5 million to convert a bomb shelter into a Bat Cave and $2 million to turn a Cadillac Sixteen into a 32-valve, V-16 1,000 horsepower Batmobile.

And that's before adding all of the defensive options to the Batmobile (or Bat Tumbler) such as rear smokescreen shooters and missile launchers and a Kevlar infused, custom molded Batsuit for at least $45,000. So unless you inherit a vast estate from your late parents, it's safe to say you'll be sticking with your homemade tights and mask.