The AMC zombie drama 'The Walking Dead' has a lot of fans. In fact, its season three premiere got more viewers than any other show has this fall season.

Among these viewers, it turns out, are actual zombies. One of these rotting ghouls even showed up on 'Conan' to discuss his love of the show.

But before that, the undead fellow wanted to get one thing straight, telling Conan he's not a zombie, and prefers the politically correct term "Decaying American."

Well, this Decaying American turned out to be quite a snob, and between his lambasting of Conan's audience for their lack of brains for him to eat and bragging about his taste in wine and art he had everybody pretty annoyed.

So Andy proved his sidekick worth by shooting the zombie, once in the gut and once in the head. While the bullets didn't completely finish off the Walker, he had to admit that "he wasn't doing very well." Score one for team humanity.

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