If you're a sports fan, you probably already know that super slow motion camera technology has improved greatly over the last few years. Thanks to NBC's Olympic coverage, now the general public has been clued in to these advances.

As we've seen over the past few days, sometimes slowing the athletes down so much renders them a bit grotesque. Playing off that, 'Conan' snagged himself one of NBC's Olympic cameras and made some slow motion recordings of more everyday moments.

This video is basically safe for work, but it does contain a few images you may struggle to un-see.

While we've never been big fans of spitting chocolate milk into our friends' mouths, we certainly won't be doing so after seeing how gross it looks in slow motion. Blowing up Smurfs, however -- well, we guess that depends on what your feelings on the little blue fellows are.

But the most disturbing of all the slow motion images was Spider-Man throwing up. Not only was it disgusting, but seeing Spidey like that was kind of like catching your dad crying or spotting your beloved third grade teacher drinking by herself in a dive bar. (Not that that's ever happened to us . . .)