To celebrate his big week of shows in New York City, Conan O'Brien decided to visit some old friends by crashing the 'Today' show. However, things didn't go quite as planned...

O'Brien dons a terrible fake mustache, sunglasses and a hoodie, which make him look more like the Unabomber than a late-night talk show host. Then, he creeps onto Rockefeller Plaza as 'Today' films a segment outdoors.

Look closely and you'll notice O'Brien in the background while the anchors talk about the day's events. Unfortunately, he's completely upstaged by a random man holding what appears to be a macaroni portrait of Al Roker. It's a shame when pasta foils a good prank. Watch Conan pulling a prank on his old NBC pals below. Maybe it's retribution for the whole Jay Leno thing?

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