Labor Day has come and gone, which means it's time for school to start. We thought we'd impart a few choice bits of wisdom for incoming college freshman so they can look back on their first semester without cringing in humiliation years down the road.

First of all, congratulations!

Don't be surprised if class is harder than you expect.

Be sure to study so you don't feel like this:

But don't abuse your roommate's prescriptions.

Try coffee instead!

Just be prepared for the inevitable crash:

Be sure to pick up any and all spare change you find on the ground.

Because sometimes even a packet of ramen sounds good.

Learn the rules to the games your friends play.

But most importantly, expect to change.

And for the love of God, cherish it. Because you only get to be a freshman once. At least until you go to grad school because you can't get a job in the real world. Enjoy!