Last week a video emerged of President Obama singing 'Call Me Maybe,' the tune everybody can't help but belt out. However one didn't have observe the clip too closely to realize what was really going on was that a clever editor was using words from Obama's speeches to make it seem like he was singing the Carly Rae Jepsen hit.

There was no such editing during Colin Powell's appearance on CBS This Morning. He just flat out sang the song. Yes, this is pretty crazy.

Perhaps Powell had heard deep-voiced Tay Zonday's recent interpretation of the tune and wanted to hear how it sounded with his own baritone. Or maybe he just couldn't resist the urge of dueting with Gayle King. Whatever the reason, the former Secretary of State went all in. He even included a little dance with his performance.

Powell certainly seems to be enjoying not having the burden of public office. Now can we officially call an end to this meme?