On Thursday night's 'The Tonight Show,' a surprisingly sane, good-humored and contrite Charlie Sheen opened up  to host Jay Leno about his very public meltdown earlier this year, saying his now-infamous rants were "a runaway train that I was the reluctant conductor of — and it just kept going."

"I said some things that were a little out there," Sheen said, chuckling. "I might have overshot the mark a little bit. But these were just metaphors. I didn’t really believe I had ‘tiger blood’ or ‘Adonis DNA.’ These were just jokes."

When Leno asked Sheen the moment at which he knew he'd gone too far, Sheen said yes -- the day he was fired from the hit sitcom 'Two and a Half Men.'

"I thought I could come back. Kind of like you did," Sheen teased, much to the audience's approval.

But Leno had the last word, saying, "At least one of us got his job back."


[via Zap2It]

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