Other Disney Vehicle Movies
With their new movie 'Planes,' Disney has made the first Pixar spin-off, but without all the thoughtful storytelling and breathtaking animation that usually bogs down Pixar films. Boasting to be "from above the world of 'Cars'" (so, the sky basically?), 'Pl…
Alternate 'View' Casting Ideas
It's been announced that Jenny McCarthy will replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck on 'The View' this fall. Uproar immediately ensued, probably because Jenny McCarthy advocates (scientifically disproved) medical opinions that actually kill children. Or maybe it's because of 'Singled …
Honest Everyday Items
Toaster? May as well call it Bread Burner That Smells Up Your Kitchen, amirite??? Lurking in the corners of your kitchen cabinets, hidden in the dark recesses of your closet, if you own these items, you are LIVING IN A HOUSE OF LIES. Here's how they should be marketed.
If Actors Used Their Real Names
Sad to say, we live in a world where people would rather see a movie starring Tom Cruise than Tom Mapother IV. Or Michael Caine than Maurice Micklewhite. We know -- we don't understand it either.
Things You Won't See in 'GTA V'
We're excited for Grand Theft Auto 5, which comes out on Sept. 17, 2013. It's going to be Rockstar's biggest open world game ever, which is saying something, because Rockstar really goes all-in on this front. But, let's be realistic -- you won't be able to do everything in this game. Not that that's…
Amanda Bynes Makeover
Amanda Bynes is awfully upset by how ugly so many people are. She will gladly tell the world (or at least her Twitter folllowers) how ugly somebody who upset her is.
Awesome Beyonce Fan
This photo from Beyonce's Mrs. Carter Show World Tour is so incredibly amazing. Look at that fan. Ridiculous. A face so amazing deserves some attention, so we decided to imagine what other things could cause such a reaction. The results are pretty great.
Honest Summer books
It's summer again - time to relax on the beach with a good book (or a trashy one, let's be honest). But how are you to know what really lies beneath the cover of that paperback you picked up from the table at the front of the airport bookstore? Well, we're here to give you the straigh…
Manatees in Shades
Are you enjoying your summer? Do you know what would probably make you enjoy it a little more? Some pictures of manatees wearing sunglasses. Why? Just look at them -- we think it's pretty obvious. They're the ultimate chilled-out summer animals.
8 Roles Johnny Depp Almost Played
Mixing blockbusters with more quirky fare, Johnny Depp has had quite the unique career. While audiences love his offbeat characters in movies like 'Alice in Wonderland' and the upcoming 'The Lone Ranger,' there was a time when he wasn't exactly box office gold.

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