LinkedIn: it's a great way to stay in touch with former bosses, connect with other professionals in your industry and fend off awkward recommendation requests from that unimpressive intern from last summer. While tweaking our profiles (and "endorsing" random skills for people) we wondered -- what would the LinkedIn profiles of various fictional bad guys say about them?

Who would vouch for Bowser's fighting skills? How would Hannibal Lecter explain the extended gap in his resume? Would Lord Vader gloss over his Jedi history, or would he own it? And what kind of recommendations might one receive from Runway editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly? Well, we've done them all a favor and figured it out for them, so they can devote more time to obsessing over their Klout scores.

  • Chucky

    'Child's Play'
    Christine Gritmon
  • Hannibal Lecter

    'Silence of the Lambs'
  • Bowser

    'Super Mario Bros.'
    Christine Gritmon
  • Miranda Priestly

    'The Devil Wears Prada'
    Christine Gritmon
  • King Joffrey

    Christine Gritmon
  • Scar

    'The Lion King'
    Christine Gritmon
  • Dick Jones

    Christine Gritmon
  • Joker

    'The Dark Knight'
    Christine Gritmon
  • Darth Vader

    'Star Wars'
    Christine Gritmon