Remember when you always tried to solve those kid menu mazes, only to realize your eyes felt like they were permanently crossed afterwards? Well, 40-year-old cartoonist Joe Wos basically does that for fun, and now he's trying to turn his hobby into world record.

The Pittsburgh resident is attempting to set the Guinness World Record for world’s largest hand-drawn maze. In order to achieve this, Wos’ maze must be a whopping 107 square feet, and (here's the tricky part) it has to be solvable.

While the cartoonist truly enjoys working on this latest project, Wos does have a little bone to pick -- he wants dads to stop saying that it's "a-maz-ing" to their kids when they see his work in progress. As far as solving this puzzle is concerned, Wos needs a (pun-hating) maze enthusiast who’s willing to dedicate about 40 hours to it. Any takers? Check out a video of the work in progress below and see if you can solve it.