While most car companies have been going for clever and over-the-top in their Super Bowl 2012 commercials, Cadillac's spot for their new ATS compact sports sedan is pretty straight forward.

In the ad, viewers are introduced to a test track in Nurburgrin, Germany called Green Hell. This is where Cadillac developed the ATS, which will be available in the summer.

The compact sports sedan category has traditionally been dominated by German car manufacturer BMW. And in the Cadillac ad, the narrator explains that the ATS has been built from the ground up to take on and defeat cars from BMW's 3-series.

However, the ad doesn't offer any evidence of the ATS's superiority, other than the context-less images of it spinning around Green Hell. Does this ad get you excited about the ATS?  Or do you like your Super Bowl spots with a little more pomp and circumstance?

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