In Bud Light's 2013 Super Bowl commercial the theme of superstitious football fans that they have been exploring all season was expanded upon with great success.

The ad campaign has featured spots in which fans do the crazy thing they think will help their team win as the Stevie Wonder song "Superstition" plays. This time, however, the song isn't featured. Instead two fans remove a "lucky chair" from a house and take it on a journey to meet a mojo man in New Orleans. THE MOJO MAN IS STEVIE WONDER WAAAAAHHHH???

After much effort, the chair is taken back, and we learn that it has not been blessed, but cursed, and belongs to a friend who apparently was cheering for the 49ers. Also, those guys must have been really superstitious to leave New Orleans right before the Super Bowl was played there so they could watch it at a house party.