Bud Light's advertising theme this year for Super Bowl 2013 has been the various superstitions sports fans entertain about their teams' chances of winning. In this ad, one fan will do just about anything to secure a victory even if that means visiting a voodoo priest. It just so happens that priest is played by Stevie Wonder dressed as Baron Samedi. because Stevie had a song called 'Superstition' and voodoo, so why not?

Our protagonist collects a variety of items for his sympathetic magic and puts them together in some vague approximation of a voodoo doll, confident of his success. Oh but little does he know, he is not alone in the lengths he will go to for his team.

The ad ends with two rival fans with rival magic dolls and the tagline "It's only weird if it doesn't work," which we find apt and clever. Plus, Stevie Wonder makes everything better.

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