Look out planking. Move aside Tebowing. Make some space on the shelf LOLcats. There's a new cat-tastic meme in town. Or is there?

Gawker announced the discovery of the new "breading cats" meme that consists of cat owners hollowing out a slice of bread and fitting it around their cat's head.

We should probably point out that "breading cats" has been around for a few months already. We still love ya, Gawker!

The trend seems to have grown lately, given that it now has a Tumblr thread and a Facebook page that the world can use to clutter up their friends' walls with unnecessary likes.

Still, it feels undercooked as far as memes go. Not only is it completely pointless even for the likes of the Internet, but it doesn't seem to have settled on an official name. Gawker calls it "breading cats" (and for some reason, Google REALLY wants you to search for "breeding cats"). Memebase calls it the clever "in-bread cat." The "official" Facebook thread calls it the unoriginal "walking sandwich." What's next? Carb cat-defacing?

It also doesn't have a heck of a lot of participants yet, so if you want to get in on a burgeoning meme before everyone gets sick of it, now's the time. Take a look for yourself at some "breading cats" below.