Be warned: what you are about to see is quite gory. Not because it's real bloodied body parts -- that you can see in any episode of CSI -- but the finishing touches made to these baked goods are so realistic you would think otherwise. 

This bakery in Thailand is renowned for making sculpted life-like heads, feet and hands from dough. But don't ask us how they taste!

Baker Kittiwat Unarrom has sculpted several body parts and exhibits them daily in glass cabinets in the shop. He says his edible art lures over 100 visitors a day, but many are obviously reluctant to take a bite. We don't know where his fascination for such gruesome art comes from but Unarrom did study fine arts and paintings in college. The bakery is a family business and Unarrom learned how to bake at just age 10.

Although he has turned his bakery to look more like Frankenstein's lab, you have to credit his mad artistic skills. Not only has it grabbed his bakery a lot of attention, but Unarrom has also been invited to exhibit his work at various art galleries across Thailand. The young baker says he has many more creative ideas using dough but insists his next project won't involve human body parts.

Watch Unarrom bring his gruesome bread to life in this video from ITN:

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