Last week, Blake Boston laid claim to the 'Scumbag Steve' macro meme that has long mocked him by releasing the rap song 'Scumbag Steve Overture,' in which he assumes the personality of the sleazy character.

The tune is actually pretty darn catchy, and Boston performed it live for the first at the internet meme convention ROFLCon 3 over the weekend.

ROLFCon is a two day conference at MIT that brings together meme stars, academics and folks who write about memes. So when Boston took to the stage, he had another bonafide internet superstar with him. (Being a song about a scumbag, some of the lyrics are NSFW.)

It's Chuck Testa!!! And the legendary taxidermist has some serious swagger. While we're having trouble spotting him in video, Antoine Dodson, of 'Bed Intruder' fame, was apparently also in on the performance.

So all this happened and the internet did not explode. Now if they had performed a Rick Astley tune, then we'd all be in trouble.