In case you've lived this long without hearing about him, Scumbag Steve is a popular macro meme featuring a young adult wearing a sideways baseball hat who is very sleazy and always up to no good. (Thus his name.)

As it turns out, Scumbag Steve is also a real person named Blake Boston, a.k.a "Weezy." If you didn't already figure it out by his attire and nickname, he is an aspiring rapper.

The photo used in the Scumbag Steve meme comes from the cover of the album 'Ma Gangsta' by the rap group Beantown Mafia, which Blake Boston is involved with. Instead of being embarrassed that his mug immediately evokes feelings of revulsion, Boston has embraced his internet-assigned alter ego. In fact, he just cut a rap as "Scumbag Steve." This video is NSFW due to a litany of anti-social behaviors.

After watching this video, we think it's safe to say we'd rather not be friends with Scumbag Steve, Blake Boston or Weezy B.

But whoever he really is, we do have to commend his ability to take internet lemons and make them into an even more repulsive lemonade. Bravo, Scumbag Steve. Bravo.

You can get more of Steve/Boston/Wheezy B at his website, if you dare.

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