It seemed like Blackberry may have fallen by the wayside amidst the sustained popularity of the iPhone and Android, but they look like they're making a big comeback with a super cocky Super Bowl 2013 commercial.

The ad for the Blackberry 10 assures us that it would be quicker and easier to tell us the things it can't do, rather than explain all the amazing features it has.

We're shown a Blackberry-owner burst into flame and brush it off, develop elephant legs because apparently Blackberry can do that. Our favorite moment might be when a careening, out-of-control truck is transformed into a harmless shower of rubber duckies just in the nick of time.

This is all very fun and cute, but we noticed we still don't have any real information about the new phone. Let's hope the Blackberry 10 will live up to its spectacular campaign.

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