On stage at Coachella . . . Tupac Shakur?! The rapper, who died in 1996 of multiple gunshot wounds, has become the talk of the annual music festival when he was resurrected as a full-sized hologram during Snoop Dogg's Sunday night headliner set.

Hologram Tupac started off by giving a shout out to Coachella -- which didn't even exist back when he met his demise. Then the lifelike image rapped and danced, and eventually traded verses with Snoop. Much like the real Tupac, Hologram Tupac is quite profane, so this video is NSFW.

Other famous holograms include Princess Leia in 'Star Wars' and Will.i.am during CNN's 2008 election coverage. But never has such an image been unleashed in such an open environment.

Initial reactions to Hologram Tupac have been mixed with opinions ranging from "cool" to "creepy."

Some have even speculated that it really was Tupac, who has been long-rumored to have faked his death due to his many posthumous album releases. If that's the case, we should probably get ready for "Hologram" Elvis.

What do you think of this unique tribute?