Given that Big Boy restaurants started way back in 1936, you might think that retired statues of their chubby-cheeked mascot would be treated with more respect. But as these photos of Big Boy statue graveyards show, that's far from the truth.

Some old Big Boy statues stand clustered in vacant lots with their paint fading and peeling. Others lay broken in piles and have been left to languish, their days of touting the Original Double-Decker Cheeseburger long gone.

In a ghoulish twist, the severed arm of one statue even serves as a mailbox. Creepy! (Yet undeniably functional.)

But at least one retired Big Boy statue seems to have found new life as a scarecrow in a cornfield. It's a long way from being the mascot of a successful fast-food chain, but, hey, it sure beats being scrap. Check out more eerily cool photos of discarded Big Boy statues below.