The votes have been tallied and YOU, our lovely TheFW readers, have selected the best viral videos of the year in the categories of dogs, cats, animals, babies, kids, and dance, as well as most heartwarming video, and biggest internet sensation.

Now we present all of our winners -- like Randall the Honey Badger, who won the internet sensation category with 35% of the vote, and the "no-no cat, who managed an impressive 39% in the always competitive feline category -- in the list of the year's best viral videos.

And because they're so awesome, we also included some of our favorite runner-up videos for your viewing pleasure. Check them all out below and thanks for voting! If these videos are any indication, 2012 is going to have to seriously bring it. (For more on each video, click on the titles in blue.)

The Winners of "Best Viral Video of 2011"

Randall the Honey Badger

Deaf Students Cover White Stripes in Sign Language

Dub-Step Dancer Moves Like He's Made of Rubber

Talking Dogs Have Adorable Argument

Little Girl Freaks Out Over Surprise Trip To Disneyland

Baby Emerson scared by mom blowing her nose

Porcupine won’t share pumpkin

No No No Cat


Amazing Father and Daughter Dance

Rebecca Black "Friday"

Talking twins have serious debate

Loyal Dog Won't Leave Owner's Grave

8-Year-Old Sophia Grace Brownlee Performs 'Super Bass'

Little Girl Has Touching Reaction to New Cleft Lip Surgery

eHarmony Debbie