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Summer is almost over, but what a summer it's been! From Street Fighter reenactments to exploding actresses, summer 2013 has given the internet plenty of fodder to create hilarious memes, viral videos and more. Now we want to know what your favorite viral videos, memes, images and more are from this summer. Take our end of summer survey below and let us know what has made you laugh, cry or general
Drunk Guy Singing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Wins Best Viral Video of the Year — TheFW Awards 2012
If you were wondering what it takes to beat 'Gangnam Style' for the best viral video of 2012, it's pretty obvious the answer is lots of booze. 'Bohemian Rhapsody -- Under Arrest' managed to come out on top in this year's contest, ahead of such internet faves as 'Call Me Maybe' and 'Overly Attached Girlfriend,' for the title of best viral video of 2012.  (He beat 'Gangnam Style' by 27%.) Maybe that
2012's Cutest Baby Vid
This year, 'Twins Dancing to Guitar' rounded up over 50% of the vote in the Cutest Baby Video of 2012 contest overwhelming victory. Maybe it was their double-baby power. Or maybe it's their adorable dancing. You decide.
Best Gif of 2012
When we first saw this GIF, we basically kept it open and running all day. So it comes as no surprise that Barack Obama 'Deal With It, which takes a photo of Pres. Obama offering a cocky smile and adds animated sunglasses from the classic 'Deal With It' meme, has won the prestigious (in our opinion) title of Best GIF of 2012...
2012's Best Animal Vid
We have to admit, the results of this contest aren't too surprising. Sincerely, it's hard to imagine anything cuter than a baby tiger playing on a couch, which is why this video of a baby tiger jumping on the couch is taking home the prize for the Best Animal Video of 2012.
Best Dog Video of 2012
After weeks of voting, the results are in for this year's TheFW awards, and in the category of Best Dog Video of 2012 we have a clear winner ... Banthapug, ladies and gentlemen!
Vote for the Best of 2012!
Time is running out to vote in the 2012 TheFW Awards, the only awards that celebrate the best in cat videos, memes, viral videos and more. (Well, the best awards that celebrate that stuff anyway...)
Funniest Memes of the Week – Binders Full of Women, Felix Baumgartner and More
We didn't have to travel too far into the depths of the internet to come up with the best memes for this week. Some current events outside the internet (gasp!) prompted some great memes. The second presidential debate in "town hall" style was especially inspirational. From the debate we got 'Binders Full of Women,' 'Menacing Josh Romney,' and more.
The Best Viral Videos of 2011 — Chosen by You!
The votes have been tallied and YOU, our lovely TheFW readers, have selected the best viral videos of the year in the categories of dogs, cats, animals, babies, kids, and dance, as well as most heartwarming video, and biggest internet sensation. Now we present all of our winners -- like Randall the Honey Badger, who won the internet sensation category with 35% of the vote, and the "no-no cat,
The Most Heartwarming Videos of 2011
There were plenty of heartwarming viral videos this year that proved you don't need a lot of time or professional production values to tug at the heartstrings. Here are our favorite heartwarming videos of 2011. Check them all out below and then vote for which one you think is most touching. (For more on each video, click on the titles in blue.)
The Best Dance Videos of 2011
When you point a camera at someone who is dancing, lots of good and/or hilarious things can happen. Here are our favorite dance videos of 2011. Check them all out below and then vote for which one you think is best. (For more on each video, click on the titles in blue.)

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