What a week it's been for the internet! We've been treated to a rapping president, a girl taking grocery store entertainment to the next level, and slam poetry about our favorite meat candy, bacon! Let's get to it!

Do you like bacon? Do you like it so much that you wish someone would pen some meaningful prose about it? This week, all of your dreams about sweet, sweet sizzling pork came true when 'Parks and Recreation' star and devout meat enthusiast Nick Offerman performed a diddy about the piggy. Obviously, it's a work of total genius.

Let's face it, the internet LOVES Ryan Gosling. When he's not charming the ladies with his smooth moves, Ryan Gosling is busy being dark and smoldering in animated shorts -- such as this marvelous parody of his performance in 2011’s 'Drive.' While we love the clip, we have a feeling we're not super eager to ever take his order at a restaurant.

We don't ordinarily equate our experience purchasing orange juice and bread with a lost opportunity for quality entertainment, but after hearing this girl's karaoke rendition of 'I Will Always Love You' in a grocery store, we may have found a new reason to enjoy running errands.

Is it just us, or is it safe to say that Korean artist PSY is having the greatest week ever? In addition to achieving viral internet success seemingly overnight, he's been featured on 'SNL,' and has gotten to appear now not once, but TWICE on 'Ellen.' In the following clip, PSY busts a sweet 'Gangnam Style' move on the 'Ellen' stage with a gaggle of dancers. Way better than Riverdance!

This next clip has us nostalgic for the '90s...well except for that brief moment where we thought it was cool to turn our pants backwards. This next clip brilliantly marries the MC Hammer classic to snippets of the president's media appearances and speeches. Also, check out First Lady Michelle breaking it down. Can't stop!

If you've ever wondered what it was like to be famous and comically computer illiterate, check out this next slightly NSFW clip featuring rapper DMX checking himself out on the Google machine in the studio of New York City’s Power 105.1. What kind of word is Google, anyway?

We have a grudging respect for the musical prowess of the brothers Hanson, and this clip just drives that point home. Watch as they expertly cover Taylor Swift's 'We Are Never Getting Back Together.' They sure know their way around a guitar, and a haircut!

If you've ever needed to know what separates the amateurs from the professionals, try your hand at live TV. Sure, it SOUNDS like a great idea, until one false move and your interview subject is crying. Check out this next clip as a reporter makes a small cantaloupe-wielding child bawl on live TV. All the dancing in the world won't allow you a second take to get this story right!

It's a known fact that puppets make everything better, which is why we're confused that they haven't been allowed to speak on the floor at the UN. All kidding aside though, The Fraggles featured in a video for Ben Folds Five's 'Do It Anyway' steal the show and our hearts.

Despite what internet funny people Mike Schuster and Diane Bullock have brought to light concerning the demeanor of our beloved science sensei from the '90s, we still love Mr. Wizard. Check out even more hilarious evidence that a beloved figure from your youth is an angry old crank who likes to play tricks on his friends.