On the strength of playing breakfast meat connoisseur Ron Swanson on 'Parks And Recreation,' we think it's safe to call Nick Offerman a bacon expert.

However, we weren't aware of the depth of his dedication to the cured meat until we saw this video from CollegeHumor. In it, the mustachioed 42-year-old uses slam poetry to pay tribute to the internet's favorite food.

"I listen, my nostrils widen, I'm stricken, it's bacon," Offerman recites, while playing the bongos.

Granted his poem has a confusing number of references to spoons. (Or perhaps we've long been eating bacon wrong.) But, overall, he paints a rhythmically scrumptious portrait of the pork product.

We especially like the part where Swanson splits the world into two halves, "the bacon and the bacon eaters."

If bacon ever needed a spokesman, it could do a lot worse than Offerman. Then again, the salty sensation does basically sell itself.

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