We all know that dogs are "man's best friend." Well, the cuddly canines on our list of the best dog videos of 2012 (so far) are no exception. 

Even though we're only a couple of months into 2012, our canine pals have already starred in some truly memorably viral videos. Barely a day goes by without an awesome viral video of a dog doing something cute to remind us why we so love the furry creatures so much.

From dogs working in an office like people, to a day at the park through the eyes of a pup, these best dog videos from 2012 have something for everyone. Check them out below, and then go home and give your pooch a tasty treat and a nice long belly rub. And then film it and upload it to YouTube. He could be famous!

Dog Works In Vet’s Office

Dogs are always more than willing to lend a helping paw or mouth. However watching this golden retriever help out in a veterinarian’s office makes you wonder if she’s paying off a bill. If so, they did a good job fixing whatever was ailing the healthy-looking pooch.

Dog Has Amazing Balance

It’s impressive enough that this dog can balance on a chain that is hanging between two posts. But things get really crazy when the nimble canine balances only on his hind legs. Now if the folks who filmed this impressive feat had only turned their camera phone sideways . . .

Dog Is Mesmerized by 'Marmaduke'

Why is this one of the best dog videos of 2012? Because only a member of the canine family could be mesmerized by the 2010 family flick 'Marmaduke.' So taken is he with the giant dog's antics, his owner felt bad about changing the channel. While we can’t recommend doing that, this much shorter video of Smitty intently watching the forgettable film is pretty adorable and entertaining.

Pug Has Amazing Portfolio of Tricks

Coco the pug can do any trick in the book, from begging to rolling over to balancing a ball on his nose to even skateboarding. Not only that, but he can do more atypical tricks like play a tambourine. No doubt this dog some serious talent, but he is also a bit of a showoff. Still, he earns a spot on the list of 2012's best dogs.

Dog Has Strange Reaction To Eating

When this little pup eats he becomes so excited that his hind legs pop up in the air. It’s almost as if his body is trying to ensure that the cherished chow will never leave his digestive system.

Dog Exercises On Hamster Wheel

This best dog video of 2012 features a pooch who runs on a giant hamster wheel at full speed. (And we mean full speed.) Train enough dogs to do this and we’ve solved all of our energy problems.

Dog Loves Watching Ping Pong

Tessie, a Red Fox Labrador and one of 2012's best dogs by a wide margin, can’t get enough of a ping pong match, enthusiastically following the flight of each shot. Tessie should never be allowed to go to China, as the level of play over there is liable to giver her a doggy heart attack.

Bulldog Tries to Fit in Small Box

When Bo, an adorably grumpy English Boxer, is told to go sit in a box, he ignores the bulldog-sized boxes in the room and tries to fit in a tiny one instead. It’s basically the canine equivalent to Chris Farley’s famous “fat guy in a little coat” routine from 'Tommy Boy,' and one of 2012's funniest dog videos.

Dog Finds Ball In Big Pile of Leafs

Willow, another contender for top dog of 2012, is one dedicated fetcher. After her owners throw a ball in a giant pile of leaves the little pup dives in to search for it. The leaves are so deep that at times only Willow’s wagging tail is visible. After much effort she finally emerges with the prize.

Day at Dog Park Recorded on Doggie Cam

Filmmaker Kelsey Wynns strapped a video camera on his nine month old Great Dane Bishop and took the pooch to the dog park. What resulted was a dog-eyed view of all sorts of pooches frolicking and play fighting. Dog head-cam videos have been done before, but this expertly edited effort is the best we’ve seen. It'll be tough for the rest of 2012's crop of dog videos to compete with this mini-masterpiece.

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments what deserves to be crowned as the best dog video of 2012. And check back for regular updates on the cutest, funniest and overall best dog videos of the year.